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“Work Was Executed Professionally”

“I was aware that a rodent had gained access to my property, having heard scratching under the floor boards and up into the cavity between the ground floor ceiling and the first floor. Therefore, I called in a rodent control company to address the issue. The firm put down poison in various locations. However, they were unable to locate how the rodents were accessing the property and after 2 visits with still no cessation of the rodent’s activities, they recommended that I contact a drainage company to look at the drains. On personal recommendation, I contacted DCL drains and Plumbing. The DCL representative was not only able to confirm that the rodents were rats, but also identified how they were gaining access to the property, as well as their movements through the spaces mentioned above. The route up to the ceiling space was effectively blocked with expandable foam and the entrance route in to the property was identified as being via a poor joint in the sewer pipe. The advice was to have a one-way rat flap fitted to the main drain at the front of the property. This was carried out within 2 weeks. All site visits were carried out within a reasonable period and the work was executed professionally, courteously and to my satisfaction. In conclusion, I would like to add that I am impressed with the way the problem has been resolved."

“Lovely Guys”

“From making contact with Desi to the work being finished he was completely professional. They found a dropped sewage drainpipe and a large hole which was letting in rats - they filled with cement and fixed the pipe and also fitted a metal rat flap to the pipe. Extremely professional service and such lovely guys and so polite. I would highly recommend DCL. They have also since done CCTV to all of our pipework just for my sanity!”

“Solved the Problem in No Time at All”

“Desi has come out to an ongoing problem regarding a rat infestation, pest control company has come over numerous times but didn’t find root of problem. Dcl has used all their expert experience and solved the problem in no time at all. If anyone who has rat problems this is the company I will highly recommend.”

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